Welcome to Moreau Regime Cosmetics!

Moreau Regime Cosmetics is a brand created by me, Lauren Moreau. Thank you for visiting! While playing roller derby I discovered a need for durable cosmetics with an element of comfort to not distract me from my game. The last thing anyone wants to have on their mind is if their painted face is holding up.

It is my goal to provide such products to athletes and I have started with a line of liquid matte lipsticks and I am ecstatic to bring to the world the first color collection of comfortable long wear matte lipsticks!

In addition to roller derby I am an absolute animal lover and I married my two favorite things in the world: cats and roller derby!

Here at Moreau Regime Cosmetics there are five colors of liquid matte lipsticks represented by real cats and their dubbed roller derby name. After all what’s roller derby without a derby name?

Currently we have five colors but we have plans of expanding the color line with the addition of other products as well. In the meantime enjoy bios on the cats:


 Name: Squid Vicious

Position: Jammer

About: She’s all that and a bag of chips! (Literally because she stole them off the top of the refrigerator!) She may be small but never underestimate the ferocity of the Squid! She’s quick. She’s agile. She wants her chips!

Fun fact: Rescued off the streets with the clipped ear to prove it.



Name: Jack D. Ripper

Position: Blocker

About: Sneaky sneaky! Keep your eyes on Jack or he’ll get you! He’s earned his name by murdering numerous creepy crawlies who had the misfortune of entering his domain. He digs in and flows seamlessly between offense and defensive blocking. Good luck trying to stop him!

Fun fact: Off the track he’s the sweetest mama’s boy ever. But sssshhhhh. Don’t let him know!



Name: Mighty Mouser

Position: Blocker

About: He’s the reason people say “look what the cat dragged in.” He plays with such relentless vigor: he never tires and is always up for a game. He’s more than happy to strap on skates and focus on getting the jammer. The jammer star reflects brightly in his eyes! He’s focused. He’s dedicated. He’s ready!

Fun fact: Can often be found chilling with his favorite pink mouse toy in his mouth.



Name: L’Ollie

Position: Pivot

About: She’s the original bad gal with cattitude. She can do it all: Block, call the shots, and jam when the team is in a jam. She represents the collections most diverse color as it’s a perfect day to night nude.

Fun fact: She’s the only cat who has passed on to the great beyond but she is very much alive as the face of the brand.



Name: Mean Jolene

Position: Blocker

About: She’s the youngest and newest cat in town. She may be blue but make no mistake she’s chirpy! And she leaves a lasting impression on everyone she meets. Even the catnip toys she can’t refuse.

Fun fact: Playing under the influence of catnip is her forté.





Name: Goggles

Position: Jammer

About: Life wasn’t easy but this fighter overcame her challenges. Blind, deaf, and with a trademark swag in her walk from old injuries that didn’t heal right our special foster lady could easily have given up, but not her. Her iron will made her into the strong, independent, yet sweet and affectionate force she is. She is a reminder for us all to never give up, never make excuses, and to stay positive. She was our first foster cat and we are happy to share that she is in her forever home!